Metalac Group has 14 subsidiaries – five manufacturing, five trading domestic companies and four trading companies abroad – in Russia, Ukraine, Croatia and Montenegro. Since its foundation in 1959, the head office has been in Gornji Milanovac, where all the manufacturing factories are situated. Metalac has over years developed its production program, which today consists of cookware, water heaters, stainless steel and granite sinks, Granmatrix composite material, cardboard packaging and cookware stickers.

In September 2015 Metalac became the owner of FAD, the largest producer of parts for steering and suspension of vehicles on the territory of ex Yugoslavia. Metalac exports its products to more than 40 countries all over the world - to the all the countries of ex Yugoslavia, European Union, Russia, Ukraine, all the way to Japan, USA and Australia.

The company employs around 2.000 people.